Monthly Archives: June 2013

OrgCon2013 and Open Data for Privacy presentation

I recently attended OrgCon2013, the Open Rights Group’s annual conference. As in previous years, this was an excellent opportunity to catch up on the latest developments in a range of UK and international digital rights issues. It was perfectly timed to coincide with the news about the NSA surveillance leak, a story which found its way into virtually every talk I attended throughout the day, including my own short presentation on ‘Open Data for Privacy’. I’d particularly recommend watching Caspar Bowden’s excellent talk on wiretapping the cloud – very timely given the aforementioned NSA story.

I’ve posted up my slides, and a related network graph visualisation here. I’m hosting them on a new website I’ve set up to host some outputs from my research into open data and privacy – Suggestions / collaborations welcome.

And thanks to ORG for putting on another great event and having me talk!