I am a researcher at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, working on the SOCIAM project.

My research interests include philosophical, technical and legal aspects of personal data, privacy, and the web.

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Selected Publications

The Who, What and Why: An Analysis of Personal Data Transparency Notices in the UK. 2015, Journal of Open Access to Law

Data Havens, or Privacy Sans Frontières? A Study of International Personal Data Transfers. Presented at WebSci’14 (PDF)

Community Structure for Efficient Information Flow in ‘ToS;DR’, a Social Machine for Parsing Legalese. Presented at WWW’14 Workshop on Social Machines (PDF)

Personal Data Empowerment and the Ideal Observer. Chapter in the Digital Enlightenment Forum Yearbook 2014 (PDF)

Standardised Privacy Policies: A Post-mortem and Promising Developments. Presented at W3C Workshop on Privacy and User Centric Controls, November 2014 (PDF)

Justifying Patents: A Critique of the Deontological Approach. 2011 MSc thesis (PDF)


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